calendarConsultations are by appointment only. It is practice policy to allow patients to choose whichever doctor they wish to attend in the partnership




The GP’s and nurses really appreciate your understanding of the following:

  • Your appointment is for ten minutes. This is really only long enough to give a fair hearing to one problem.
  • We do understand that sometimes other issues need to be discussed but on the whole please try to stick to ‘one problem for one appointment’.
  • Your GP or nurse will make it clear if you need to come back for a follow up appointment. If you do, please try to book it in advance.


Helping Us To Help You

 Below are some tips to help you get the most out of the surgery/your appointment:

  •  Many conditions will get better in a few days.  Simple measures such as Paracetamol can help relieve your symptoms.  Advice can be sought from a pharmacist or NHS 111.
  • Do you need to be seen? or will a telephone conversation with a doctor/nurse be sufficient.

  • If you have an appointment to be seen, have a think about the questions the GP or Nurse is likely to ask you.  Common questions include; how long have you had the problem, does anything make it worse/better, the site and severity of any pain/discomfort, any recent changes in lifestyle, medication (over the counter, prescribed or illicit drugs), have you tried any treatments/remedies yourself.

  • Don't 'save up' your problems for one appointment.  This doesn't help the doctor/nurse as it can mean the surgery runs late and insufficient time is given to each problem.  If you have several problems or something you feel will take a long time to talk about please tell the receptionist when booking.  They may be able to offer you a longer appointment with another clinician, a double appointment or a further appointment at another time.

  • Please don't expect clinicians to complete forms (eg, benefit claims, holiday cancellation forms etc) during an appointment.  These should be left at reception for collection another day.  Please note there is often a fee for this.

  • Please do not expect a prescription every time you visit the surgery. Good advice is often the best treatment.

We have a high demand for appointments every day. If you find you no longer require your appointment please cancel in plenty of time, allowing us to re-use this appointment for another of our patients.


How to cancel your appointment:

  • By Telephone

  • At Reception


The day consists of 4 appointment sessions throughout the day

8.30am - 10.00am 

11am - 12 noon

2.00pm - 3.00pm

4.30pm - 5.40pm



Drs Cox, Ashcroft, McCaughey and Oates


Drs, Shann, McCaughey and Melchizedek


Drs Cox, Ashcroft and Oates


Drs Ashcroft, Oates and Melchizedek


Drs Cox, McCaughey and Melchizedek



The doctors operate a rota system within these surgery times. The Days and time may change due to holiday/sickness but the receptionist will be happy to let you know when any particular doctor is available.

All GPs are generally available between their surgery times for telephone messages, subject to holidays, days off and home visiting. The most convenient time however to telephone the doctor is 10:30 - 10:50. The doctor may opt to ‘ring back’ as directly as possible.  Telephone appointments can be arranged through the reception staff

Practice Nurses

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

Telephone Consultations

Telephone consultations (at an agreed time with the GP's) can be arranged if you would prefer this and can be organised by contacting reception.

Extended Hours Access

There is a regular session of pre-booked routine and emergenacy appointments available . These sessions are advertised in the waiting room and in the practice leaflet . Information and bookings can be made through the reception desk.

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